Shine Bright Fundraiser

Hi, I'm Trisha Beher, a 16 year old artist based in Washington. Below, you'll see a collection of the polymer clay star charms I've made in order to raise money for a local food bank. 100% of profits generated from the sales of these handmade charms will go to Food Lifeline's Covid-19 fund.

The Collection

Below, you'll find the types of charms you can order. Please keep the product name in mind when you complete the order form. Each charm is $5. 

All proceeds will be donated to Food Lifeline, a nonprofit which serves to feed thousands of people across Washington. Monetary donations are extremely valuable to Food Lifeline right now, as food donations are not sufficient at this time. Purchase for a wonderful cause!

Purple boba star

Blue boba star

Purple fruit star

Blue fruit star- out of stock

Pig star

Glow in the dark star 

Glow in the dark pig star

Cat star

Cookie star

More stars coming soon!


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